he Tout-Monde Festival 2019 will close with a ceremony in which the international jury, chaired by Mexican curator Pablo Leon de la Barra, will proudly offer the Tout-Monde Award, to the best artist of the Festival, granting him or her a monthlong art residence at the Fountainhead Residency in Miami,    

The Fountainhead Residency was founded in 2008 in order to develop and support artists as well as promote the arts by inviting both national and international artists to Miami. It is a real nexus of artistic talent from all around the world: artists are invited to live and work in a wonderful space hosting 3 to 4 artists simultaneously for up to two months. This total immersion in an artistic environment enables them to create, converse, inspire and be inspired by the local community. Artists staying at the Residency are able to attend openings and talks,  visit museums and galleries, and receive feedback from art professionals.

The 2019 jury of the Tout-Monde Festival

For this second edition of the Tout-Monde festival, the jury will be composed of four renowned personalities of the art industry or of the academic world:

Manuel Césaire

Director 2019 of Tropiques Atrium, Martinique

Holly Bynoe

Director of the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, Co-founder of Tilting Axis

Sara Hermann

Curator at Centro Cultural Eduardo León Jimenes

Fanny Glissant

Film director and Producer at Phares et Balises